Services for non-customers sending mail to Microsoft 365

Email abuse, junk email, and fraudulent emails (phishing) continue to burden the entire email ecosystem. To help maintain user trust in the use of email, Microsoft has put various policies and technologies in place to help protect our users. However, Microsoft understands that legitimate email should not be negatively affected. Therefore, we have established a suite of services to help senders improve their ability to deliver email to Microsoft 365 users by proactively managing their sending reputation.

This overview provides information about benefits we provide to your organization even if you aren't a customer.

Sender solutions

Service Benefits
This online help content Provides:
  • A starting point for any questions related to delivering communications to EOP users.
  • Includes a simple online guide with our policies and requirements.
  • An overview of the junk email filters and authentication technologies employed by Microsoft.
    Microsoft support Provides self-help and escalation support for delivery issues.
    Anti-Spam IP Delist Portal A tool to submit IP delist request. Before submitting this request it is the sender's responsibility to ensure that any further mail originating from the IP in question is not abusive or malicious.
    Abuse and spam reporting for junk email originating from Exchange Online Keeps spam and other unwanted mail from being sent from Exchange Online and cluttering up the internet and your mail system.

    Microsoft support

    Microsoft offers several support options for people having trouble sending mail to Microsoft 365 recipients. We recommend that you:

    • Follow the instructions in any non-delivery report you receive.

    • Check out the most common problems that non-customers encounter in Troubleshooting mail sent to Office 365.

    • Use the Microsoft 365 delist portal to submit a request to have your IP removed from the blocked sender's list.

    • Read the Microsoft community forums.

    • Contact the customer you're trying to email using another method and ask them to contact Microsoft Support and open a support ticket on your behalf. In some cases, for legal reasons, Microsoft Support must communicate directly with the sender who owns the IP space that is being blocked. However, non-customers typically can't open support tickets.

      For more information about Microsoft Technical support for Office 365, see Support.

    Anti-Spam IP Delist Portal

    This is a self-service portal you can use to remove yourself from the Microsoft 365 blocked senders list. Use this portal if you are you getting an error message when you try to send an email to a recipient whose email address is in Microsoft 365 and you don't think you should be. For more information, see Use the delist portal to remove yourself from the blocked senders list.

    Abuse and spam reporting for junk email originating from Exchange Online

    Sometimes Microsoft 365 is used by third parties to send junk email, in violation of our terms of use and policy. If you receive any junk email from Office 365, you can report these messages to Microsoft. For instructions, see Report messages and files to Microsoft.