Strengthen your security posture - Track and maintain

Welcome to Phase 4 of Strengthen your security posture: Track and maintain.

This article describes tasks you can undertake to continue to assess and protect your organization.

Capability Description
Enable email notifications for new vulnerabilities Stay on top of threats that could affect your organization by configuring Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to send email notifications to specified recipients for new vulnerability events. For more information, see Enable email notifications for new vulnerabilities.
Hunt for threats with advanced hunting Learn how advanced hunting, a query-based threat hunting tool, lets you proactively inspect events in your network to locate threat indicators and entities. To get started with advanced hunting, see Hunt for threats with advanced hunting.
Understand your exposure to zero days threats Zero-day vulnerabilities often have high severity levels and are actively exploited. Information on zero-day vulnerabilities, known to Defender Vulnerability Management, is available in the Microsoft Defender portal. For more information on reviewing and addressing zero-day vulnerabilities, see Mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities.
Schedule regular monitoring tasks Regularly review and implement security recommendations as described in Investigate and improve.

Regularly review and onboard newly discovered devices as described in Assess and protect.

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