Step 6: Train your workers and address usage feedback

Train your hybrid workers on:

  • Proper sign-in procedures using MFA, including registering an additional verification method.
  • The use of devices and how endpoint management policies can be used to block access for noncompliant or unmanaged devices.
  • The use of allowed apps and how endpoint management application policies can be used to block the use of some apps.
  • Windows 11 or 10 Enterprise security features.
  • How to use Teams for chat, video-based conferencing, document sharing, and threaded conversations.
  • How to use Outlook for email and scheduling.
  • How to use SharePoint team or communication sites and OneDrive folders to browse and collaborate on files in a user's library and those belonging to a group.

This training should include hands-on exercises so that your workers can experience these capabilities and their results.

Create a forum for your workers to ask questions or get issues addressed, such as a team or a Viva Engage group.

In the weeks after training:

  • Quickly address worker feedback in your forum and adjust your worker policies and configurations as needed.
  • Analyze usage for teams, email, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive folders and compare it with your expectations of user adoption.

Then, retrain your users as needed.

Results of Step 6

Your hybrid workers are trained and there's a responsive and open forum for them to provide feedback and post issues with security, compliance, remote access, and productivity apps.