Import a term set using a SKOS-based format

You can import a term set using a SKOS-based format. For details about the format, see SharePoint taxonomy SKOS format reference. This feature requires a Microsoft Syntex license.

We recommend keeping your import files to less than 20,000 terms. Larger files can increase the time taken for validation and import.

Import a term set

  1. In the SharePoint admin center, expand Content services, and then select Term store.

  2. Select the term group where you want to import the term set.

  3. In the command bar, click Import term set.

  4. If you want to download a sample file to use as a template, click sample-metadata.ttl to get a sample file that uses the SKOS-based format.

  5. Create the import file that contains the term sets and terms you want to import.

  6. Under File format, select SKOS (*.ttl).

  7. Click Browse and navigate to and add your import file.

  8. Click Import. Do not close the panel until the import completes.

On successful import of the file, a success message will be displayed, and the term store will refresh and you can navigate to the newly created term sets.

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