Manage library settings in Microsoft Syntex

Applies to:   ✓ All custom models   |   ✓ All prebuilt models

In Microsoft Syntex, library settings in a SharePoint document library let you see information about the model and also let you configure specific Syntex settings for the library.

To access library settings from a SharePoint document library, select Settings Image showing the Settings menu icon > Library settings.

Screenshot of the Settings menu for a SharePoint document library.

Automatic classification and extraction

When you apply a model to a library, Syntex automatically adds the content type and updates the default view with the labels you extracted showing as columns. Then, every time you add or edit a document in the library, Syntex processes the document again, classifying the document and extracting text from it.

By default, Syntex processes a file every time the file is uploaded or edited. If you want Syntex to process new files only and not every time a file is modified, you can change the setting.

To process new files only

Follow these steps if you want Syntex to process new files only.

  1. On the Library settings panel, under Automatic classification and extraction, select New files only.

    Screenshot of the Library settings panel with the Automatic classification and extraction option highlighted.

  2. Select Save. Syntex will now automatically process new files only.

    Even with this setting selected, you can still select updated files and manually process them using the Classify and extract option in the document library.