Scenario: Find content details with Microsoft Syntex

Use Syntex to centralize, organize, and retrieve content to make the specific details easier to discover.

Features used:

  • Document processing models
  • Power Automate
  • Content query

Image of a generic business people at computers in an office setting.

Patent information

The legal team of a retail manufacturer is looking for a solution to centralize, organize, and streamline searching of legal content, specifically patent filings and intellectual property documents.

The team has been using Microsoft Outlook to manage legal content, but is having difficulty with team visibility, search, and content decentralized through mailboxes.

The team decides to use Microsoft Syntex as the solution. First, sets up a SharePoint document library where you want to store the legal content. Then copies the content of the email messages and attachments to the document library. Finally, uses Syntex to extract information and metadata from email messages as well as the attachments to help organize content.

The legal team is now able to easily manage and search the patent filings and intellectual property documents.