Scenario: Generate documents in bulk with Microsoft Syntex

You can use content assembly to automatically generate documents in bulk. These documents are based on a modern template that is populated with values from a data source such as a SharePoint list or database.

Features used:

  • Content assembly
  • Power Automate

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Contract renewals

You can use content assembly to generate documents in bulk using a template. You need to send correspondence to all of your vendors to remind them about upcoming contract renewals.

To implement a Syntex solution:

Diagram showing the steps to generate documents in bulk using Syntex.

  1. Set up a SharePoint document library where you want to store the reminder letters. 

  2. Set up a SharePoint list with the required vendor details. 

  3. Go to the document library and create a modern template using a reminder letter. Create fields for the values that represent vendor details and associate them with the columns of the SharePoint list you previously set up. 

  4. Now create a Power Automate flow using the action “Generate document using Syntex” and with a manual trigger to get items in the list. This ensures that you can generate documents when you want for all values in the list. 


Although this example uses a SharePoint list as a data source, you can use any data source as a trigger for generating documents if you have access to the required Power Automate connector.