Scenario: Make information easier to find with Microsoft Syntex

Use Syntex to make business documents and employee information in stored in document libraries easier for users to find and use.

Features used:

  • Document processing models
  • Term store
  • Search
  • Viva Topics

Image of a generic business person in an office setting.

Policies and procedures

Your organization drafts and stores policies and procedures in a few large documents in SharePoint or several smaller documents, all in a document library that typically has a well-defined folder structure.

Experienced users might know where the policy or procedure is they need to reference to do their job effectively. However, new users or users who don’t regularly focus on a specific policy might not know where to look.

By using Syntex and the SharePoint term store, as policies are added to the library and processed Syntex can assign the correct term. Users are then able to filter or search using these terms, or their synonyms.

The terms can also be used to generate topics in Viva Topics. The Viva Topics curation AI will then generate topics for these terms and associate files tagged with the term.

Instead of navigating a folder structure, users can then search for synonyms or alternate names as defined in the topic and see the appropriate policy or procedure.