Create Package from App Gallery

This section provides the steps necessary to onboard a package from App Gallery onto Test Base.


If you do not have a Test Base account, you will need to create one before proceeding, as described in Creating a Test Base Account.

In the Azure portal, go to the Test Base account for which you will be creating and uploading your package and perform the steps that follow.

In the left-hand menu under Package catalog, select the New package. Then click the card 'Create package from App Gallery'.

Screenshot of create package from app gallery

Step 1. Define content

  1. In the Package source section, click on 'Select app from App Gallery - Winget' then there will be a slide bar pop-up on the right hand side.

    Screenshot of search from winget app gallery

  2. Then you can either scroll down or search for the applications which you'd like to test. You can also select the version of specific app in the Version drop down.

  3. Once you select the app by checking the box and clicking on the select button, there's a pop-up notification displaying the app license and disclaimer.

    Screenshot of accept the license

  4. By clicking on the 'Accept' button, the app will be auto uploaded while the package name and package version will be auto-populated. You can also modify the package name and version as needed.

    Screenshot of basic information


    The combination of package name and version must be unique within your Test Base account.

  5. After all the requested information is specified, you can proceed to the next phase by clicking the Next: Configure test button.

    Screenshot of the button of configure test

Step 2. Configure test

  1. For now, only Out of Box (OOB) test is supported for the Winget package:

    An Out of Box (OOB) test performs an install, launch, close, and uninstall of your package. After the install, the launch-close routine is repeated 30 times before a single uninstall is run. The OOB test provides you with standardized telemetry on your package to compare across Windows builds.

    Screenshot of configure test for new package

  2. Once all required information is filled out, you can proceed to step 3 by clicking the Next button at the bottom.

For next steps, please refer to the Creating and Testing Binary Files on Test Base | Microsoft Learn.