Application/Test rules

All applications or tests in Test Base need to comply with the following rules:

Test Base folders

The following folders are used by the Test Base infrastructure:

  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\EtlExport
  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Ffmpeg
  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Monitoring
  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\powershell-yaml
  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\TokenProviderTool
  • %SYSTEMDRIVE%\USLPowershellModules


Avoid the following:

  • Blocking the execution of any process from these folders. If your application is anti-malware software, configure your app installation to allow unimpeded execution of all processes from these folders.
  • Tampering with any of these folders.

Test Base registry keys

The applications/tests should not delete or modify any registry keys related to:

  • Windows telemetry level
  • Removing TLS 1.2