Generates OpenAPI spec in JSON format from the intercepted requests and responses.

Screenshot of two command prompt windows. One shows Dev Proxy recording API requests. The other shows the generated OpenAPI spec.

Plugin instance definition

  "name": "OpenApiSpecGeneratorPlugin",
  "enabled": true,
  "pluginPath": "~appFolder/plugins/dev-proxy-plugins.dll",
  "configSection": "openApiSpecGeneratorPlugin"

Configuration example

  "openApiSpecGeneratorPlugin": {
    "includeOptionsRequests": false

Configuration properties

Property Description Default
includeOptionsRequests Determines whether to include OPTIONS requests in the generated OpenAPI spec false

Command line options



To create better OpenAPI specs, consider using a local language model with Dev Proxy. Using a local language model, the OpenApiSpecGeneratorPlugin generates clearer operation IDs and descriptions, giving you a better starting point for your OpenAPI spec. To use a local language model with the OpenApiSpecGeneratorPlugin, enable the language model in the configuration file. For more information, see Use a local language model.