Extend your agent-facing copilot

You can enhance your copilot within Copilot for Service but for some actions, like extending, enhancing, or editing, you need to go to Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Choose Extend with Copilot Studio in the menu to go to Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Common scenarios to extend with Microsoft Copilot Studio include:

  1. Create and orchestrate sophisticated logic and workflows.

    You work with Topics in the copilot. Microsoft Copilot Studio helps you manage all your topics. You can view topics in the copilot, update them, or add new topics to suit your business needs.

  2. Use connectors available in the Microsoft Power Automate connector library.

    You can author new topics for your copilot that use one or more Power Automate flows within Microsoft Copilot Studio.

  3. Manage copilot publishing.

    For example, the publishing of your copilot might fail. Visit the publish page in Microsoft Copilot Studio, try to publish again from there, and see a detailed view on the publishing errors.

  4. Use custom plugins.

    You can create custom plugins to use in your agent-facing copilots. The copilot can run the plugins to complete tasks in Copilot for Service. More information: Create and configure copilot plugins

Any functionality available within Microsoft Copilot Studio can extend your agent-facing copilot.