Data loss prevention example - Block Channels to disable copilot publish


Power Virtual Agents capabilities and features are now part of Microsoft Copilot Studio following significant investments in generative AI and enhanced integrations across Microsoft Copilot.

Some articles and screenshots may refer to Power Virtual Agents while we update documentation and training content.

You can use data loss prevention (DLP) policies to block copilot from publishing to the channels. Copilot Studio supports four channels - Direct Line, Team, Omnichannel, and Facebook.

Block all channels to disable copilot publish

Admin can block the four channels in the Power Platform admin center using a DLP policy.

Channels connectors in Power Platform admin center.

Makers of copilots will see disabled Publish button and the Channels tiles.

Channels page in copilot.

Only one channel is allowed and configured

The copilot can be published by makers only if they configure the channel that admins have allowed. If they don't configure the allowed channel except Direct line (on by default), or if admins don't allow any channel, the copilot cannot be published.