Use content on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business for generative answers


Power Virtual Agents capabilities and features are now part of Microsoft Copilot Studio following significant investments in generative AI and enhanced integrations across Microsoft Copilot.

Some articles and screenshots may refer to Power Virtual Agents while we update documentation and training content.

This capability works by pairing your copilot with a URL, such as When a copilot user asks a question and the copilot doesn't have a topic to use for an answer, the copilot searches the URL and all sub-paths. For example, a URL such as also includes subpaths like Generative answers summarize this content into a targeted response.


Content analysis and retrieval requires authentication. To authenticate your copilot, see Authentication. The No authentication and Only for Teams authentication options can't retrieve information from Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business.

When configuring authentication, scopes control user access. Specify Sites.Read.All, Files.Read.All in the scopes field near the existing profile and openid values. These scopes don't give users increased permissions when using the copilot, but allow their permissible content from the Sharepoint site as configured for generative answers.

Due to memory limits, generative answers can only use SharePoint files that are under 3 MB. If a file is larger than 3 MB, consider splitting it into multiple smaller files.

Use SharePoint or OneDrive for Business

  1. Open the Data source configuration pane from one of two places:

    1. On the Create generative answers node, select Edit under Data sources.

      Screenshot that shows where to select the Properties pane.

    2. Alternatively, select the ... in the Create generative answers node, then select Properties to open a pane, and finally select Data source.

  2. Under SharePoint in the Data source pane, add the SharePoint or OneDrive for Business URLs you want to use. Separate multiple URLs with manual line breaks (with Shift + Enter).

    Screenshot that shows the SharePoint field in the Data source pane.


    A best practice is to omit https:// from the URL. Recognized SharePoint URLs will be from the domain. Sharepoint site URLs cannot be more than two levels deep.

  3. Select Save at the top to save your topic changes.

  4. Test your copilot with phrases that you expect to return content.

    If the user account you used to sign in to doesn't have access to the SharePoint site, you won't get content or you might see a system error.


Information sources defined in the Generative answers node take priority at the copilot level. Copilot level sources function as a fallback.