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Performing AGPM Administrator Tasks

An AGPM Administrator (Full Control) configures domain-wide options and delegates permissions to Approvers, Editors, Reviewers, and other AGPM Administrators. By default, an AGPM Administrator is an individual with Full Control (all Advanced Group Policy Management [AGPM] permissions) and therefore can also perform tasks associated with any role.

In an environment in which multiple people develop Group Policy objects (GPOs), you can choose whether all Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) users perform the same tasks and have the same level of access or whether AGPM Administrators delegate permissions to Editors who make changes to GPOs and to Approvers who deploy GPOs to the production environment. AGPM Administrators can configure permissions to meet the needs of your organization.

Also, because the AGPM Administrator role includes the permissions for all other roles, an AGPM Administrator can perform the tasks normally associated with any other role.

Additional considerations

By default, the AGPM Administrator role has Full Control—all AGPM permissions:

  • List Contents

  • Read Settings

  • Edit Settings

  • Create GPO

  • Deploy GPO

  • Delete GPO

  • Modify Options

  • Modify Security

  • Create Template

The Modify Options and Modify Security permissions are unique to the role of AGPM Administrator.