Troubleshooting AGPM Upgrades

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This section lists common issues that you may encounter when you upgrade your Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) server to a newer version (e.g. AGPM 4.0 to AGPM 4.3). To diagnose issues not listed here, it may be helpful to view the Troubleshooting AGPM or for an AGPM Administrator (Full Control) to use logging and tracing. For more information, see Configure Logging and Tracing.

What problems are you having?

Failed to generate a HTML GPO difference report (Error code 80004003)

  • Cause: You have installed the AGPM upgrade package with an incorrect account.

  • Solution: You will need to be an AGPM administrator in order to fix this issue.

    • Ensure you know the username & password of your AGPM service account.

    • Log onto your AGPM server interactively as your AGPM service account.

      • This is critically important, as the install will fail if you use a different account.
    • Shutdown the AGPM service.

    • Install the required hotfix.

    • Connect to AGPM using an AGPM client to test that your difference reports are now functioning.

Install Hotfix Package 1 for Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0 SP3

Issue fixed in this hotfix: AGPM can't generate difference reports when it controls or manages new Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

How to get this update: Install the latest version of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (March 2017 Servicing Release). See KB 4014009 for more information.

More specifically, you can choose to download only the first file, AGPM4.0SP1_Server_X64_KB4014009.exe, from the list presented after pressing the download button.

The download link to the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (March 2017 Servicing Release) can be found here.