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Application Virtualization Client Reference

This section provides reference information that is related to installing and managing the Application Virtualization (App-V) Client and the virtual application packages that are created by the Application Virtualization (App-V) Sequencer.

In This Section

SFTMIME Command Reference
Provides a detailed list of all SFTMIME parameters.

SFTTRAY Command Reference
Lists and describes all SFTTRAY commands and command-line switches.

Application Virtualization Client WMI Provider
Describes the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes that are available in the App-V Client WMI Provider.

Log File for the Application Virtualization Client
Provides information about the log file for the App-V Client.

App-V Client Registry Values
Provides a detailed list and descriptions of registry key values.

App-V Interoperability with Windows AppLocker
Provides information on how to configure AppLocker rules for virtual applications.

Support for Client Reporting over HTTP
Provides an overview of the Client Reporting process for HTTP publishing.

Application Virtualization Client