How to Change Deployment Properties

You can use the following procedures to change the Deployment tab information for an application you are sequencing, including the Application Virtualization server URL, the operating systems required by the virtualized applications, and the output options for the virtual application to be installed.

To change the server URL

  1. Select the streaming protocol from the drop-down list box.

  2. Enter the host name of the virtual application server or the server group's load balancer. You can use the actual host name or IP address.

  3. Specify the port number on which the virtual application server or load balancer will listen for an Application Virtualization Desktop Client request for the streamed application.

  4. Specify the relative path on the virtual application server where the software package is stored.

To change the application operating systems requirements

  1. To add the required operating system(s), select it in the Available list and click the arrow button pointing to the Selected operating systems list control.

  2. To remove an operating system, select it in the Selected list control, and click the arrow button pointing to the Available operating systems list control.

To change the application output options

  1. From the Compression Algorithm drop-down list, select the compression method to use when streaming the application.

  2. Select the Enforce Security Descriptors check box to ensure security descriptors of the packaged applications are enforced when deployed.

  3. Select Generate Difference File to generate a difference file for the application from the previous sequenced version.

  4. Select Generate Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) Package to create an installer package.

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