About App-V 5.0

App-V 5.0 provides an improved integrated platform, more flexible virtualization, and powerful management for virtualized applications. For more information see the App-V 5.0 Overview (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=325265).

What’s new?

The following list displays what is new with App-V 5.0:

  • IT Diagnostics and Monitoring - App-V 5.0 enhances the ability to generate reporting information about computers running the App-V 5.0 client and virtualized packages.

  • End-to-End Programmability - Leveraging PowerShell 3.0, App-V 5.0 offers a complete programmability solution for packaging, client and server operations.

  • Simple and Effective Client Console - App-V 5.0 offers a modern client console designed to simplify the top end user and Tier 1 support engineer scenarios.

  • Virtual Application Extensions - App-V 5.0 virtual application extensions enable virtual packages to run as if they are installed locally.

  • Local Drive Creation - App-V 5.0 no longer requires a dedicated local drive letter for virtual application deployment.

  • Shared Content Store – The App-V 5.0 shared content store offers similar functionality to the streaming server available in previous versions of App-V. It also requires less disk space and updates to virtual applications are available as soon as the new version is ready.

  • Connection Groups - App-V 5.0 connection groups allow you to connect and run virtual applications interactively.

Differences between App-V 4.6 and App-V 5.0

The following table displays some of the differences between App-V 4.6 and App-V 5.0:

App-V 4.6 App-V 5.0

Must Use a dedicated drive letter (Q:</strong>).

No dedicated drive letter required.

4 GB package size limit requirement.

No 4 GB package size limit requirement.

Virtual applications are isolated from locally installed applications.

Virtual applications can be extended to support local application interaction.

Dynamic Suite Composition enabled interaction with middleware applications.

Peer applications are shared using connection groups. For more information about connection groups see, Managing Connection Groups.

VDI/RDS environments required a read-only shared cache.

You can update the shared content store using the standard workflow.

Limited command-line scripting.

Supports robust PowerShell scripting for the sequencer, client, and server components.

Provides web-based management capabilities.

How to Get MDOP Technologies

App-V 5.0 is a part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). MDOP is part of Microsoft Software Assurance. For more information about Microsoft Software Assurance and acquiring MDOP, see How Do I Get MDOP (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=322049).

Getting Started with App-V 5.0