Deploying App-V 5.1

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1 supports a number of different deployment options. This section of the App-V 5.1 Administrator’s Guide includes information you should consider about the deployment of App-V 5.1 and step-by-step procedures to help you successfully perform the tasks that you must complete at different stages of your deployment.

App-V 5.1 Deployment Information

  • Deploying the App-V 5.1 Sequencer and Client

    This section describes how to install the App-V 5.1 sequencer which is used to virtualize applications, and the App-V 5.1 client which runs on target computers to facilitate virtualized packages.

  • Deploying the App-V 5.1 Server

    This section provides information about installing the App-V 5.1 management, publishing, database and reporting severs.

  • App-V 5.1 Deployment Checklist

    This section provides a deployment checklist that can be used to assist with installing App-V 5.1.

Other Resources for Deploying App-V 5.1