How to Create a Connection Group

Use these steps to create a connection group by using the App-V Management Console. To use PowerShell to create connection groups, see How to Manage Connection Groups on a Stand-alone Computer by Using PowerShell.

When you place packages in a connection group, their package root paths are merged. If you remove packages, only the remaining packages maintain the merged root.

To create a connection group

  1. In the App-V 5.0 Management Console, select Packages.

  2. Select CONNECTION GROUPS to display the Connection Groups library.

  3. Select ADD CONNECTION GROUP to create a new connection group.

  4. In the New Connection Group pane, type a description for the group.

  5. Click EDIT in the CONNECTED PACKAGES pane to add a new application to the connection group.

  6. In the PACKAGES Entire Library pane, select the application to be added, and click the arrow to add the application.

    To remove an application, select the application to be removed in the PACKAGES IN pane and click the arrow.

    To reprioritize the applications in your connection group, use the arrows in the PACKAGES IN pane.

    Important   By default, the Active Directory Domain Services access configurations that are associated with a specific application are not added to the connection group. To transfer the Active Directory access configuration, select ADD PACKAGE ACCESS TO GROUP ACCESS, which is located in the PACKAGES IN pane.

  7. After adding all the applications and configuring Active Directory access, click Apply.

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Managing Connection Groups