Create a Connection Group with User-Published and Globally Published Packages

You can create user-entitled connection groups that contain both user-published and globally published packages, using either of the following methods:

What to know before you start:

Unsupported scenarios and potential issues Result

You cannot include user-published packages in globally entitled connection groups.

The connection group will fail.

If you publish a package globally and then create a user-published connection group in which you’ve made that package non-optional, you can still run Unpublish-AppvClientPackage <package> -global to unpublish the package, even when that package is being used in another connection group.

If any other connection groups are using that package, the package will fail in those connection groups.

To avoid inadvertently unpublishing a non-optional package that is being used in another connection group, we recommend that you track the connection groups in which you’ve used a non-optional package.

How to use PowerShell cmdlets to create user-entitled connection groups

  1. Add and publish packages by using the following commands:

    Add-AppvClientPackage Package1_AppV_file_Path

    Add-AppvClientPackage Package2_AppV_file_Path

    Publish-AppvClientPackage -PackageId Package1_ID -VersionId Package1_Version ID -Global

    Publish-AppvClientPackage -PackageId Package2_ID -VersionId Package2_ID

  2. Create the connection group XML file. For more information, see About the Connection Group File.

  3. Add and publish the connection group by using the following commands:

    Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup Connection_Group_XML_file_Path

    Enable-AppvClientConnectionGroup  -GroupId CG_Group_ID -VersionId CG_Version_ID

How to use the App-V Server to create user-entitled connection groups

  1. Open the App-V 5.1 Management Console.

  2. Follow the instructions in How to Publish a Package by Using the Management Console to publish packages globally and to the user.

  3. Follow the instructions in How to Create a Connection Group to create the connection group, and add the user-published and globally published packages.

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