DaRT 10 Planning Checklist

This checklist can be used to help you plan for preparing your computing environment for Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 10 deployment.

Note   This checklist outlines the recommended steps and a high-level list of items to consider when planning for product deployment. It is recommended that you copy this checklist into a spreadsheet program and customize it for your use.

Task References
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Review the DaRT 10 Supported Configurations information to confirm that the computers you have selected for client or feature installation meet the minimum hardware and operating system requirements.

DaRT 10 Supported Configurations

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Understand the deployment prerequisites and decide which tools to include on the DaRT recovery image.

Planning to Create the DaRT 10 Recovery Image

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Determine which method, or methods, you will use to deploy the DaRT recovery image.

Planning How to Save and Deploy the DaRT 10 Recovery Image

Planning for DaRT 10