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Planning to Deploy DaRT 10

You should consider all of the different deployment configurations and prerequisites before you create your deployment plan. This section includes information that can help you gather the information that you must have to formulate a deployment plan that best meets your business requirements.

  • Review the DaRT 10 software prerequisites and supported configurations

    After preparing your computing environment for DaRT 10 installation, make sure that you review the prerequisite software to install and the supported configurations to confirm that the selected computers for the installation meet the minimum hardware and operating system requirements. For information about prerequisites that you need to consider to create the DaRT recovery image, see Planning to Create the DaRT 10 Recovery Image.

  • Plan for creating the DaRT 10 recovery image

    Before you start to create the DaRT recovery image, you need to consider possible security issues, the tools that you want to include on the recovery image, and the prerequisite software that you need to install.

  • Plan how to save and deploy the DaRT recovery image

    There are several methods that you can use to save and deploy the DaRT recovery image. Before you start to create the recovery image, review the advantages and disadvantages of each method and consider how you want to use DaRT in your enterprise.