Deploying the MBAM 2.5 Server Infrastructure

To deploy the Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) 2.5 Server infrastructure, you complete the following three high-level tasks:

Task Where to get instructions

Install the MBAM 2.5 Server software on each server where you want to configure an MBAM Server feature.

Installing the MBAM 2.5 Server Software

Configure the databases, reports, web applications, and the optional System Center Configuration Manager Integration topology.

You can use the MBAM Server Configuration wizard or Windows PowerShell cmdlets to do the configuration.

Configuring the MBAM 2.5 Server Features

Validate the MBAM Server configuration.

Validating the MBAM 2.5 Server Feature Configuration

Deploying MBAM 2.5

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For MBAM issues, use the MBAM TechNet Forum.