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Creating a MED-V Workspace

A MED-V workspace is the desktop environment in which end users interact with the virtual machine provided by MED-V. The MED-V workspace is created and customized by the administrator. It consists of an image and the policy, which defines the rules and functionality of the MED-V workspace. Multiple MED-V workspaces can be created, each customized with its own configuration, settings, and rules. A user, group, or multiple users or groups can be associated with each MED-V workspace, thereby making the MED-V workspace available only for the associated user's or group's computers.

How to Add a MED-V Workspace

To add a MED-V workspace

  1. Click the Policy management button to open the Policy module.

    The Policy module consists of the Workspaces menu on the left and the General, Virtual Machine, Deployment, Applications, Web, VM Setup, Network, and Performance tabs.

  2. On the Policy menu, select New Workspace, or click Add to create a new MED-V workspace.

  3. On the General tab, in the Name field, enter the name of the MED-V workspace.

  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the MED-V workspace.

  5. In the Support contact info field, enter the contact information for technical support.

    For more information about configuring a MED-V workspace, see Configuring MED-V Workspace Policies.

How to Clone a MED-V Workspace

A MED-V workspace can be cloned so that you can create a MED-V workspace identical to an existing MED-V workspace.

To clone a MED-V workspace

  1. Click the MED-V workspace to clone.

  2. On the Policy menu, select Clone Workspace.

    A new MED-V workspace is created with the name <Original MED-V workspace name> - 2.

How to Delete a MED-V Workspace

To delete a MED-V workspace

  • In the Policy module, while the workspace pane is in focus, click Remove.

Using the MED-V Management Console User Interface