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Technical Reference

In This Section

This section provides the following technical references for Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V):

MED-V Reporting
Describes how to generate reports and how to work with reports.

MED-V Trim Transfer Technology
Describes the MED-V Trim Transfer technology concept.

How to Back Up and Restore a MED-V Server
Describes how to back up and restore a MED-V server.

How to Share Folders Between the Host and the MED-V Workspace
Describes how to share folders located on the network and folders located on the host.

How to Set MED-V Workspace Deletion Options
Describes how to set MED-V workspace deletion options for each user or group.

How to Set Advanced File Transfer Options
Describes the advanced file transfer options.

How to Edit a Published Application with Advanced Settings
Describes editing a published application with advanced settings.

How to Set Up Script Actions
Describes the script actions editor.

Client Installation Command Line Reference
Describes how to install MED-V from the command line.

How to Configure Image Pre-staging
Describes how to configure image pre-staging and how to update the pre-stage location.