Measure runtime performance of a page using the Performance monitor tool

Use the Performance monitor tool to get a real-time view of the runtime performance of a webpage.

The Performance monitor tool helps determine where performance problems come from. There are various reasons why a website might run slowly. This tool provides clues to understand whether the problems are related to causes such as the following:

  • High memory or CPU usage.
  • Too frequent layout and style calculations.
  • Too many DOM nodes and event listeners.

Open the Performance monitor tool

To open the Performance monitor tool:

  1. To open DevTools, right-click the webpage, and then select Inspect. Or, press Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows, Linux) or Command+Option+I (macOS). DevTools opens.

  2. In DevTools, on the Activity Bar, select the Performance monitor tab. If that tab isn't visible, click the More Tools (More Tools icon) button:

The More Tools menu, showing the Performance monitor menu command

The Performance monitor shows graphs of various performance metrics that update in real time:

What the Performance monitor tool looks like when it is first opened

Select performance metrics to monitor

The Performance monitor tool shows three performance metrics by default, and additional metrics are available.

Performance metric Description
CPU usage The percentage of CPU used by the web page. Shown by default.
JS heap size The amount of memory used by the JavaScript program on the page. Shown by default.
DOM Nodes The number of DOM nodes in the browser (across tabs). Shown by default.
JS event listeners The number of JavaScript event listeners in the browser (across tabs).
Documents The number of document objects in the browser (across tabs).
Document Frames The number of document frames in the browser (across tabs).
Layouts / sec The number of times per second the browser engine constructs the layout of the page.
Style recalcs / sec The number of times per second the browser engine calculates the CSS style of the page.

To enable or disable any of the available performance metrics, click the labels in the sidebar:

The Performance monitor sidebar, showing various metrics that can be toggled