Application tool, to manage storage

Use the Application tool to manage storage for web app pages, including manifest, service workers, local storage, cookies, cache storage, and background services.

The Application tool

The Application tool has the following pages:

  • Application

    • Manifest
    • Service Workers
    • Storage
  • Storage

    • Local Storage
    • IndexedDB
    • Web SQL
    • Cookies
    • Trust Tokens
    • Interest Groups
  • Cache

    • Cache Storage
    • Back/forward cache
  • Background Services

    • Background Fetch
    • Background Sync
    • Notifications
    • Payment Handler
    • Periodic Background Sync
    • Push Messaging
    • Reporting API
  • Frames

Note: to accurately interpret the Storage Usage chart in the Application tool, see the Quota usage section of the Debug Progressive Web Apps article.