Publish a Microsoft Edge extension by using a GitHub account

If you're a GitHub user, you don't need to create a new Microsoft account (MSA) and remember extra passwords. You can use GitHub authentication to sign into Partner Center and publish your Microsoft Edge extensions to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website.


Currently, you can only use your personal GitHub account to login to Partner Center. Using your work account on GitHub to log in isn’t supported.

A Microsoft account (MSA)_ is an,, or account. This article covers several types of accounts. For a summary of these accounts, see Types of accounts related to publishing Microsoft Edge extensions.

To begin submitting extensions by using GitHub, register for the Microsoft Edge program in Partner Center using your GitHub credentials. You'll need to link your GitHub account to a Microsoft account (MSA), as described in the following steps. The Microsoft account (MSA) will be created for you if necessary.

Step 1: Go to Partner Center to sign in

Go to the Partner Center dashboard. You'll be taken to the Sign-in page, with an option to sign in with your Microsoft account (MSA).

Step 2: Select "Sign-in options" to view alternative sign-in options

Select Sign-in options at the bottom of the page, and then select Sign in with GitHub. Enter your GitHub account credentials that you want to use to publish Microsoft Edge extensions.

Step 3: Authorize Microsoft to access your GitHub account

Microsoft requires your permission to access your GitHub account. Select Authorize Microsoft-corp.

Microsoft checks whether your GitHub account is already linked to a Microsoft account (MSA). If your GitHub account isn't linked to a Microsoft account (MSA), Microsoft will create a new Microsoft account (MSA) and link it to your GitHub credentials.

Step 5: Register for Microsoft Edge Program on Partner Center using the newly linked GitHub account

After your GitHub account is linked to a Microsoft account, you can start using your GitHub account to register as a Microsoft Edge extension developer to publish extensions free of charge. See Register as a Microsoft Edge extension developer.

After you're registered for the Microsoft Edge program, you can port your Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge. To help manage your Microsoft Edge extensions, you can add more users to the Partner Center account by linking an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account with your Partner Center account. See Add users to the Microsoft Edge program.

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