Install MIM 2016: MIM Synchronization Service


This walkthrough uses sample names and values from a company called Contoso. Replace these with your own. For example:

  • Domain controller name - corpdc
  • Domain name - contoso
  • MIM Service Server name - corpservice
  • MIM Sync Server name - corpsync
  • SQL Server name - corpsql
  • Password - Pass@word1

To install Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 components, first set up the installation package.

  1. Sign in as contoso\miminstall to the server you are using for identity management synchronization server corpsync.

  2. Unpack the MIM installation package or mount the MIM image DVD. If you do not have this DVD, see Microsoft Identity Manager licensing and downloads.

Install MIM 2016 SP1 or later Synchronization Service

  1. In the unpacked MIM installation folder, navigate to the Synchronization Service folder.

  2. Run the MIM Synchronization Service installer. Follow the guidelines of the installer and complete the installation.

  3. In the welcome screen – click Next.

    MIM installer wizard welcome image

  4. Review the license terms and click Next to accept them.

  5. On the Custom Setup screen click Next.

    Custom Setup image

  6. In the Sync Service database configuration screen, select:

    1. The SQL Server is located on: A Remote machine called

    2. The SQL Server instance is: The default instance

    Database connection image

    1. MIM 2016 SP2 and later: Configure the MIM Synchronization Service Database name
  7. Configure the Sync Service Account according to the account you created earlier:

    1. Service account: MIMSync

    2. Password: Pass@word1

    3. Service Account Domain or local computer name: contoso


    MIM 2016 SP2 and later: for Group Managed Service Accounts, ensure the $ character is at the end of the Service Account Name, e.g. MIMSync$, and leave the Password field empty.

    Service account image

  8. Provide MIM Sync Service installer with the relevant security groups:

    1. Administrator = contoso\MIMSyncAdmins

    2. Operator= contoso\MIMSyncOperators

    3. Joiner = contoso\MIMSyncJoiners

    4. Connector Browse = contoso\MIMSyncBrowse

    5. WMI Password Management= contoso\MIMSyncPasswordReset

    Security groups image

  9. In the security settings screen, check Enable firewall rules for inbound RPC communications, and click Next.

  10. Click Install to begin the installation of MIM Sync Service.

    1. A warning concerning the MIM Sync service account may appear – click OK.

    2. MIM Sync Service will install.

    3. A notice on creating a backup for the encryption key appears – click OK, then select a folder to store the encryption key backup.

    MIM Sync backup encryption key notice image

    1. When the installer successfully completes the installation, click Finish.

    2. You need to sign out and sign in for the group membership changes to take effect. Click Yes to sign out.