Create request

Create a Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Certificate Management (CM) request.


The URLs in this article are relative to the hostname that's chosen during API deployment, such as


Method Request URL
POST /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests

URL parameters


Request headers

For common request headers, see HTTP request and response headers in CM REST API service details.

Request body

The request body contains the following properties:

Property Description
profiletemplateuuid Required. The GUID of the profile template that the user is creating the request for.
datacollection Required. A collection of name-value pairs representing the data that is to be provided by the enrollee. The collection of necessary data that must be provided can be retrieved from the profile template’s workflow policy. An empty collection can be specified.
target Optional. The GUID of the target user that the request is to be created for. If not specified, the target defaults to the current user.
type Required. The type of request that is being created. Available request types include "Enroll," "Duplicate," "OfflineUnblock," "OnlineUpdate," "Renew," "Recover," "RecoverOnBehalf," "Reinstate," "Retire," "Revoke," "TemporaryCards," and "Unblock."

Note: Not all request types are supported on all profile templates. For example, you can't specify the Unblock operation on a software profile template.
comment Required. Any comments that may be entered by the user. The workflow policy defines whether the comment property is necessary. An empty string can be specified.
priority Optional. The priority of the request. If not specified, the default request priority, as determined by the profile template settings, is used.


This section describes the response.

Response codes

Code Description
201 Created
403 Forbidden
500 Internal Error

Response headers

For common response headers, see HTTP request and response headers in CM REST API service details.

Response body

On success, returns the URI for the newly created request.


This section provides an example to create enroll and unblock requests.

Example: Request 1

POST /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests HTTP/1.1


Example: Response 1

HTTP/1.1 201 Created


Example: Request 2

POST /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests HTTP/1.1


Example: Response 2

HTTP/1.1 201 Created


Example: Request 3

POST /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests HTTP/1.1

    "profiletemplateuuid" : "97CD65FA-AF4B-4587-9309-0DD6BFD8B4E1",
        {"name" : "pavle"},
        {"city" : "seattle"}
    "target" : "97CC3493-F556-4C9B-9D8B-982434201527",
    "type" : "Enroll",
    "comment" : "LALALALA",
    "priority" :  "4"

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