Update smart card status

Updates the status of a smart card.


The URLs in this article are relative to the hostname that's chosen during API deployment, such as https://api.contoso.com.


Method Request URL
GET /CertificateManagement/api/v1.0/requests/{reqid}/smartcards/{scid}

URL parameters

Parameter Description
reqid Required. The request identifier that's specific to Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Certificate Management (CM).
scid Required. The smart card identifier that's specific to MIM CM. The value corresponds to the "uuid" field in the Microsoft.Clm.Shared.Smartcards.Smartcard object.

Request headers

For common request headers, see HTTP request and response headers in CM REST API service details.

Request body

The request body contains the following properties:

Property Description
status The status to set the request to, such as "Retired."


This section describes the response.

Response codes

Code Description
200 OK
204 No content
403 Forbidden
500 Internal Error

Response headers

For common response headers, see HTTP request and response headers in CM REST API service details.

Response body

On success, returns a JSON-Serialized Microsoft.Clm.Shared.Smartcards.Smartcard object with the following properties:

Name Description
AssignedUserUuid The identifier of the user to whom the smart card is assigned.
Atr The smart card answer-to-reset (ATR) string for the card that is currently being initialized.
Comment The comment that describes the smart card.
Flags The flags that describe the smart card.
Middleware The middleware for the smart card.
ParentSmartcardUuid The identifier of the old smart card that the smart card has replaced.
PermanentSmartcardUuid The identifier of the permanent smart card that is associated with the smart card.
PrimarySmartcardUuid The identifier of the primary smart card.
ProfileTemplateUuid The identifier of the profile template that contains the policies and settings that govern the smart card.
ProfileTemplateVersion The version of the profile template at the time that the smart card profile was created.
SerialNumber The smart card's serial number.
Status The status of the smart card.
Uuid The smart card profile's identifier.


This section provides an example to update the status of a smart card.

Example: Request

PUT /certificatemanagement/api/v1.0/requests/b105403d-d021-41ea-9f11-be3d677d229e/smartcards/17cf063d-e337-4aa9-a822-346554ddd3c9 HTTP/1.1

Example: Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK


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