Change the connected CRM contact

You could connect your Sales Copilot contact to a different CRM contact if you connected Sales Copilot contact to the wrong one of multiple contacts in your CRM, for instance.

  1. Open the Sales Copilot contact pane and select the Dynamics 365 or Salesforce tab.

  2. Select the contact for which you want to change the connected CRM contact.

  3. Select Connect another record.

    Screenshot of Connect another record.

  4. Select Choose contact.

    Screenshot showing multiple matches for a CRM contact.

    Sales Copilot suggests contacts to connect.

    Screenshot showing choose a CRM to connect.

  5. Select one of the suggested contacts or select Create a new contact to create a new one.

    If you don't connect to a different CRM contact, Sales Copilot retains the existing connection.