Configure an MDM provider

Applies to:

  • Windows¬†10


For companies or organizations using mobile device management (MDM) tools, those tools can synchronize with Microsoft Store for Business inventory to manage apps with offline licenses. Store for Business management tool services work with your third-party management tool to manage content.

Your management tool needs to be installed and configured with Microsoft Entra ID, in the same directory that you are using for Store for Business. Once that's done, you can configure it to work with Store for Business

To configure a management tool in Microsoft Entra ID

  1. Sign in to the Azure Portal as an Administrator.
  2. Click Microsoft Entra ID, and then choose your directory.
  3. Click Mobility (MDM and MAM).  
  4. Click +Add Applications, find the application, and add it to your directory.

After your management tool is added to your Microsoft Entra directory, you can configure it to work with Microsoft Store. You can configure multiple management tools - just repeat the following procedure.

To configure a management tool in Microsoft Store for Business

  1. Sign in to the Store for Business or Store for Education
  2. Click Manage, click Settings.
  3. Under Distribute, click Management tools.
  4. From the list of MDM tools, select the one you want to synchronize with Microsoft Store, and then click Activate.

Your MDM tool is ready to use with Microsoft Store. To learn how to configure synchronization and deploy apps, see these topics:

For third-party MDM providers or management servers, check your product documentation.