Microsoft Search for US government environments

This article provides an overview of feature differences between the US government clouds and the commercial cloud for Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search availability for US government clouds is outlined below.

It is our general intent to deliver Microsoft Search commercial features and functionality to the government cloud environment. For a release time frame, see the Microsoft Search Roadmap.

Microsoft Search provides an easy-to-use, familiar experience to help users find files and documents, internal sites, people, groups, and answers. It does this by securely accessing multiple data sources, including Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other shared Microsoft 365 resources. With Microsoft Search in Bing users can get search results from the internet as well.

To get personalized, organization-wide results, users enter a search query in a search box on SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, or any Office 365 app. When enabled, users who go to Bing, and sign in with a valid work account, can easily and securely find work results with Microsoft Search in Bing. To learn more about Microsoft Search features, see Microsoft Search Overview.

For GCC customers, Microsoft Search in Bing is off by default. Search admins can turn on Microsoft Search in Bing:

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Configurations.
  2. Under Microsoft Search in Bing settings, choose Change settings and turn on Allow your organization to use Microsoft Search in Bing. It takes up to 24 hours for this change to take effect.

Search admins can also customize bookmarks and Q&A answers in the Microsoft 365 admin center. For more information, see Plan your content.

Microsoft Search features

The following table outlines whether specified Microsoft Search features are available within the GCC, GCC High, and DoD environments.

Feature WW GCC GCC High DoD
Organization-wide search across files, sites, groups, and people Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search box in suite navigation header in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yes Yes Yes No
Search suggestions Yes Yes Yes No
Search & intelligence admin center Yes Yes Yes No
Search admin controls for Microsoft Search in Bing Yes Yes Yes No
Enterprise homepage on Bing Yes Yes Yes No
Calendar Yes Yes No No
Files Yes Yes No No
People Yes Yes Yes No
Bookmarks (admin-curated) Yes Yes Yes No
Bookmarks (system-curated) Yes No No No
Q&As (admin-curated) Yes Yes Yes No
Acronyms (admin-curated) Yes No No No
Acronyms (system-curated) Yes Yes No No
Floor plans Yes No No No
Locations Yes No No No
Topics Yes Yes No No
Power BI Yes No No No
Dynamics 365 Yes No No No
Data sources
Graph Connectors Yes Yes No No
Federation Connectors Yes No No No
Usage analytics (Organization level) Yes Yes Yes No
Feedback Yes No No No
Result types Yes Yes No No
Verticals Yes Yes No No
Site Search settings
Insights Yes No No No
Result types Yes No No No
Verticals Yes No No No

In response to the unique, evolving requirements of the United States public sector, Microsoft has created Office 365 US Government plans (or Office 365 Government). For service descriptions and features overview specific to these environments, see Office 365 Government.