Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute

In addition to the standard Audio Conferencing per-user license, Volume and Licensing organizations can also choose a pay-per-minute offer to enable Audio Conferencing capabilities for their organizations.

You can find out if your country/region is supported for Audio Conferencing.


Because this offer is only available to Volume and Licensing customers, you need to work with your account representative to acquire these licenses.

Need some details?

Whereas the Audio Conferencing per-user license offer includes dial-in usage and some dial-out usage, Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute allows you to pay for all of your Audio Conferencing usage on a per-minute basis without paying for a per-user monthly license. With this license, all dial-in and dial-out calls are charged on a per-minute basis, including:

  • Inbound calls to toll Audio Conferencing numbers of your organization.

  • Inbound calls to toll-free Audio Conferencing numbers of your organization.

  • Outbound calls placed to external phone numbers from within a meeting of your organization.


You can find the dial-in and dial-out rates associated to these types of calls by reviewing the Audio Conferencing rates section in Audio Conferencing.

Pay-per-minute requires your organization to have Communications Credits set up. If you want more details, see Set up Communications Credits for your organization and/or Microsoft Teams add-on licensing.

To enable Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute for users in your organization, see Try or purchase Audio Conferencing in Microsoft Office 365 or Office 365.

Why is it best for you?

  • Pay per-minute are only charged on a per-minute basis for each inbound or outbound call placed by each attendee during a scheduled meeting (rates vary for toll or toll-free call and by destination) instead of using the Teams application in a mobile device or PC.

  • Capability to manage cost since admins can control to restrict the types of dial-outs (international and domestic) that can be done from the meetings of an organizer. See Outbound calling restriction policies for Audio Conferencing and user PSTN calls.

  • If you have Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute licenses, you don't have to assign Communications Credits licenses separately to each user specifically for Audio Conferencing usage (you might still need to assign them for other services).

  • Control and monitor pay-per minute charges by using Communications Credits.

  • More flexibility in pricing for customers who don't need all users on a subscription basis.

  • Enable Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute along with a monthly subscription of E5 or a standalone Audio Conferencing subscription, both services continue to work the same way. Changes have no effect on the operations of Audio Conferencing or Communications Credits.

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