Manage the Office 365 G1 Trial for US government

As of July 1, 2020, the Office 365 E1 Trial license is no longer available. If you need to license users for Microsoft Teams, read the Microsoft Teams service description for a list of paid subscriptions that include Teams.

Use the guidance in this article to manage your existing Office 365 G1 Trial licenses, including upgrading to a paid subscription. To learn more, read Microsoft 365 Government Plans and the Microsoft Teams capabilities available in the GCC Cloud.

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Manage the G1 Trial

Once you've activated the Office 365 G1 Trial, turn on the license for any uses who need it. To learn how, read Manage user access to Teams.

Once you've turned on the G1 Trial for the users who need it, you'll manage these users just like you manage users who have a paid license. For more information, see Manage Teams settings for your organization.

Upgrade users from the Office 365 G1 Trial license

To upgrade G1 Trial users to a paid subscription:

  1. Purchase a subscription that includes Teams.

  2. Remove the Office 365 G1 Trial subscription from the user.

  3. Assign the newly purchased license.

For more information, see Teams for Government.


If the G1 Trial license ends and a user is not immediately upgraded to a subscription that includes Teams, the user data is not removed. The user still exists in Azure Active Directory and all data within Teams still remains. Once a new license is assigned to the user to enable Teams functionality again, all content will still exist.

Remove an Office 365 G1 Trial license

Manage user access to Teams

Manage Teams settings for your organization