Availability in Portugal

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Here are the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams available for Portugal.

Audio Conferencing

Feature Details
Is Audio Conferencing available for purchase?
Are phone numbers automatically assigned for Audio Conferencing?
Yes, for:
  • Lisbon
If you want dedicated phone numbers, see Getting service phone numbers.
Dial-out capability using the Call Me feature

Calling Plans

Feature Details
Calling Plans are available to purchase? Yes
Minutes available for Calling Plans. There are five plan options available per calendar month:
  • Pay-As-You-Go Calling Plan
  • 120 minutes Domestic Calling Plan
  • 1200 minutes Domestic Calling Plan
  • International Calling Plan: 1200 minutes of domestic or 600 minutes of international calling (whichever is reached first in the calendar month)
Can make outbound calls to premium numbers?
Not supported at this time.
Can make outbound calls to?
To 196 countries, including these.

Toll and toll-free numbers for services

Feature Details
What capitals or major cities can you get toll numbers for?
Are toll numbers available?
Are toll-free numbers available?

If you want to get toll and toll-free phone numbers for Audio Conferencing, Auto attendants, and Call queues, see Getting service phone numbers.

Communications Credits

Feature Details
Are Communications Credits available?

If you want to set them up, see Set up Communications Credits for your organization.

Getting service phone numbers

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