Maintain your published Microsoft Teams app

With your app listed on the Microsoft Teams store, start thinking about how you'll maintain the app going forward and increase downloads and usage.

Analyze app usage

You can track your app usage in the Teams app usage report in Partner Center. Metrics include Monthly, Daily, and Weekly active users, and retention and intensity charts enabling you to track churn and frequency of usage.

Data for newly published apps takes about a week to appear in the report.

Publish updates to your app

You can submit changes to your app (such as new features or even metadata) in Partner Center. These changes require a new review process.

Ensure to check the following when you're publishing updates:

  • Don't change your app ID.
  • Increment your app's version number.
  • In Partner Center, don't select Add a new app to do the update. Go to your app's page instead.

When a user installs your app, they must give the app permission to access the services, and information the app requires to function. In most cases, users must do this once and new version of your app install automatically. If you make any of the following changes to your app, however, your existing users must accept another permission request to install the update:

  • Add or remove a bot.
  • Change the bot ID.
  • Modify a bot's one-way notification configuration.
  • Modify a bot's support for uploading and downloading files.
  • Add or remove a message extension.
  • Add a personal tab.
  • Add a channel and group tab.
  • Add a connector.
  • Modify configurations related to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) app registration. For more information, see webApplicationInfo.

Fix issues with your published app

Microsoft runs daily automation tests on apps listed on the Teams store. If issues with your app are identified, we contact you with a detailed report on how to reproduce the issues and recommendations to resolve them. If you can't fix the problems within a stated timeline, your app listing may be removed from the store.

Promote your app on another site

When your app is listed in the Teams store, you can create a link that launches Teams and displays a dialog to install your app. You could include this link, for example, with a download button on your product's marketing page.

Create the link using the following URL appended with your app ID:<your-app-id>.

Complete Microsoft 365 Certification

Microsoft 365 Certification offers assurances that data and privacy are adequately secured and protected when a third-party Microsoft 365 app or an add-in is installed in your Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The certification confirms that your app is compatible with Microsoft technologies, is compliant with cloud app security best practices, and is supported by Microsoft.

Stop app distribution

You can remove an app from the Microsoft commercial marketplace to prevent its discovery and use.

To stop distribution of an app after you've published, follow the steps:

  1. On the Product overview page, select Stop selling. It removes the app from the Microsoft AppSource.
  2. To initiate de-listing of the app, on Partner Center, select the Overview page, and then select Stop selling.

After you stop the distribution of an app, you can still see it in Partner Center with a Not available status. If you decide to list the app again, follow the instructions to Publish your app to the Microsoft Teams store.

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