Monetize your app

Microsoft Teams Store provides features that enable you to monetize your apps and gain customers by engaging with your users. The topics in this section show you how to build these features into your app.

Choose a pricing model

Charge a price for your app

Include a SaaS offer with your app

With a transactable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offer, you can monetize your Teams app by selling subscription plans directly from your Teams Store listing.

Free trials

Free trials

You can offer a free trial version of your app to get more customers to try it. To entice customers to buy the full version, you can limit the features in the trial version (for example, only including limited number of responses for a week) or specify a time period for the trial.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases

Whether you charge a price for your app or offer it for free, you can use in-app purchases in your app to provide an ongoing revenue stream. Use in-app purchases to let customers upgrade from a free to a paid version of your app.

Use in-app purchases

Test preview SaaS offer

Test preview for monetized app

With a transactable Software as a Service (SaaS) offer, you can test the end-to-end purchase experience for your monetized apps in Teams before you publish.

Test preview for monetized apps

Manage license for third party apps

Set up Microsoft license management

If you choose to use Microsoft license management to manage a SaaS license purchased in Teams, you can easily assign, unassign, use, and track SaaS licenses from the Teams Store.

Set up Microsoft license management.

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