Typography for your Microsoft Teams app

This article provides how to incorporate standard Teams typography in your app design.

Font type

Example shows the font for web and desktop app.

Web and desktop app

Teams uses Segoe UI for its type ramp to optimize hierarchy and readability.​

Example shows the font for android app.


The Teams Android app uses Roboto typeface. For more information, see Android guidelines and examples (Fluent UI).

Example shows the font for iOS app.


The Teams iOS app uses the SF Pro typeface. For more information, see iOS guidelines and examples (Fluent UI).

Type scale

Teams uses seven styles that range from level-one titles to captions.

Example shows seven styles for Teams use.

Font weight

Font weights are for identifying specific elements and conveying states. ​Don’t use bold to create hierarchy in your text. Instead, use a different shade of grey and the SemiBold weight.

Example shows the font weight for Teams use.


Using different font sizes and weights help create hierarchy and ensure readability. However, don’t rely on just size and weight. When possible, build your hierarchy with the primary, secondary, and tertiary text colors listed here.

Example shows the usage for different fonts and weight in Teams app.