From ideas to Teams app

Learn how apps let you help your users in the Teams environment.

Take a look at this scenario:

Screenshot shows you to builds an app that sends weather forecast to customers so that they can plan ahead their traveling dates.

As a developer, you want a way to share important and relevant information to help your users. It's a typical user story. Relatable? But how does Teams fit in to this scenario?

Let’s dig deeper into this story and find out.

Delve into app ideation

Screenshot shows you the user story as a developer at a travel agency, build apps for travelers.

Understand your user

Know about your user to identify how they use Teams.

Relevant questions:

  • Do the users mostly use mobile clients?
  • How technically sophisticated are your primary users?

Understand the problem

Identify the user problem that you want to resolve with your app.

Relevant questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of the current system of your users?
  • What issues do you want to address?

Screenshot shows you how to develop an app that sends weather forecast of the destination to customers.

Screenshot shows you that customers can know weather conditions and plan ahead.

List app requirements and benefits

Determine your app's features and how you expect it to answer the user's problem.

Relevant questions:

  • Do the users need current updates regularly without having to check?
  • Do you need to authenticate users?

User-centric solution

Craft the right app experience for your users with an app that fits their requirement.

Relevant questions:

  • Should only registered users receive regular help?
  • What features would be most convenient for user experience?

Screenshot shows you the customers are well-prepared for traveling!

Next, explore some of Teams features that help you build an app solution.

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