Collaboration control and Settings REST API reference

Developers can use the Collaboration controls and Settings REST API to manage settings, start, map, and retrieve collaboration activities with their own business model entities.


Currently Collaboration controls are available only in public developer preview.

This article provides reference for the Collaboration controls and Settings REST API reference.

REST Operations: Collaboration - Custom API

Operation Description
Associate Collaboration Map Associates a collaborative entity to a collaboration session.
Begin Collaboration Session Creates a collaboration session record linked to a business entity, application context, and optional metadata.
Disassociate Collaboration Map Disassociates a mapped entity from the given collaboration session.
Retrieve Collaboration Maps Gets a list of collaboration maps for a session of a specific entity type.
Retrieve Collaboration Session Gets a collaboration session record based on the parameters provided.
Update Collaboration Map Updates a collaboration map record and its metadata if provided.
Update Collaboration Session Updates a collaboration session record and optionally its metadata.

REST Operations: Collaboration - Standard OData APIs

Operation Description
Get Collaboration Map By Id Gets the details from a collaboration map record.
Get Collaboration Metadata Gets a list of the collaboration metadata records for a given collaboration map or a collaboration root entity name.
Get Collaboration Root Lists all the collaboration sessions created.

REST Operations: Settings - Custom APIs

Operation Description
Create and Update Settings Creates or updates a setting that matches both the group path and the settings definition name.
Retrieve Null Settings Returns a list of settings definitions that do not have a value.
Retrieve Settings Returns a list of specific settings or settings in groups.

REST Operations: Settings - Standard OData APIs

Operation Description
Delete Settings Definition Deletes a settings definition.
Delete Settings Group Deletes a settings group.
Delete Settings Type Delete a settings type.
Delete Settings Value Deletes a settings value.
Get Settings Definitions Lists settings definitions.
Get Settings Groups Lists settings groups.
Get Settings Types Lists settings types.
Get Settings Value Lists settings values.
Patch Settings Definition Updates a settings definition.
Patch Settings Group Updates a settings group.
Patch Settings Type Updates a settings type.
Patch Settings Value Updates a setting value.
Post Settings Definition Creates a new settings definition.
Post Settings Group Creates a new settings group.
Post Settings Type Creates a new settings type.
Post Settings Value Creates a new setting value.