Unfurl links in Teams using bot

Microsoft Bot Framework extends the cards specification by adding a set of predefined cards that bots can use as a part of bot messaging. Link unfurling using bot in Teams helps you to register your app and helps to receive an invoke activity, when the URL with domain is pasted into the compose message area. The invoke activity contains the full URL and you can respond with a card. Users can unfurl the link using bot with additional information to get an enhanced experience.


Link unfurling isn't supported on mobile clients.

Key features of link unfurling

  • Allows user to paste URLs and respond with a card.
  • Allows user to register the app and receives invoke activity.

This step-by-step guide helps you to create a bot to perform link unfurling in Microsoft Teams for https://www.BotFramework.com. You'll see the following output:

Screenshot shows link unfurling.