Use the Microsoft Teams Rooms recovery tool

This article discusses how to use the recovery tool for Microsoft Teams Rooms, which you would use to bring an out of date system into a supported state. This tool should be applied when either the Microsoft Teams Rooms console shows a "system config out of date" error, or prior to performing a push button reset factory restore.


Download the latest Microsoft Teams Rooms installation package and extract it to a USB memory stick or network share accessible to Microsoft Teams Rooms.


Extracting the files from the MSI can be accomplished by many means. Any mechanism that extracts all the files and preserves their directory structure is acceptable. One such way is to use the command msiexec /a PathToMsi /qb TARGETDIR=PathToTarget where PathToMsi represents the full path to the Microsoft Teams Rooms installation package, and PathToTarget represents the full path to the folder you would like the files extracted to.

Running the tool

  1. Sign in to the admin account on your Microsoft Teams Rooms device, and launch an elevated command prompt.
  2. Verify from the Microsoft Teams Rooms device that you are able to access the RecoveryTool.ps1 file, which is included in the files extracted from the Microsoft Teams Rooms installation package. The kit can be found on the network share or USB drive used when preparing prerequisites.
  3. Run powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File "<path to RecoveryTool.ps1>".
  4. To perform a factory restore:
    1. When prompted by the script select option 2: Reset.
    2. If BitLocker is on, follow the instructions provided at the end of the script output to disable it.
    3. Perform the factory restore.
      1. Open the Settings app, and select Update & Security
      2. Navigate to the Recovery tab.
      3. Beneath Reset this PC, select Get started
      4. Select Remove everything, then Next and Reset


      The Microsoft Teams Rooms device can become unusable if the Keep my files - Removes Apps and settings, but keeps your personal files option is selected during the Windows Reset process. Do not select this option. 5. The system will reboot multiple times. When the reset is complete, the system will be at the Windows "out of box experience" (OOBE) screen.

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