Microsoft Teams PowerShell Overview

Microsoft Teams PowerShell module is a set of cmdlets for managing Teams directly from the PowerShell command line. PowerShell provides powerful features for automation that can be leveraged to manage all aspects of Teams administration, including users, teams, policies, and configuration.

You can install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module using one of the following methods. Please update to the latest version. More details here about supported versions Teams PowerShell Module - Supported Versions.

Data collection

Microsoft Teams PowerShell module default settings collect telemetry data. Microsoft aggregates collected data to identify patterns of usage and common issues, such as cmdlets with low success, to help us prioritize our work to improve the Teams PowerShell experience. Microsoft Teams PowerShell module does not collect any private or personal data. For more details, refer to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Installing Teams PowerShell

Managing Teams with Teams PowerShell

Teams PowerShell Release Notes

Microsoft Teams cmdlet reference

Use Microsoft Teams admin roles to manage Teams