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Settings for Teams calls with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay enables you to safely make Teams audio calls when you're on the road by using Siri voice commands. However, if you use a Microsoft Intune-managed iOS device to make the calls, Siri can be blocked from use by your administrator.

If you're unable to use Apple CarPlay in Teams, your administrator must configure the following settings by using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Allow your device to use Siri

The default setting for using Siri should allow you to use CarPlay. If your admin has created a configuration profile that directs your device to block Siri, the setting must be updated.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Configuration profiles > Your_Configuration_profile > Properties > Configuration Settings > Built-in Apps.

  2. Set the Block Siri option to Not configured.

    Screenshot of setting the Block Siri option to not configured.

Allow data transfer to any app on your device

If your admin has created an application protection policy that allows data transfer to only specific apps, that restriction must be removed to allow data transfer to all apps.

  1. Navigate to Apps > App protection policies > Your_App_protection_policy > Properties > Data protection.

  2. Set Send Org data to other apps to All apps.

    Screenshot of setting Send Org data to other apps to All apps.

For more information, see iOS app protection policy settings.