Teams is slow during video meetings on laptops docked to 4K/UHD monitors


Overall Microsoft Teams performance on laptops may be affected during meetings that use video. This issue can occur if a laptop is docked to an external 4K or ultra-high-definition (also known as ultra HD or UHD) display.


Reduce the resource requirements for your laptop to improve the Teams experience during the meeting and try:

  • Close any applications or browser tabs that you aren't using.
  • Turn off video in the meeting:
    • To turn off your own video, select Turn camera off in the meeting controls.
    • To turn off incoming video, select More actions > Turn off incoming video in the meeting controls.
  • Disable GPU hardware acceleration in Teams. To disable this function, select the Settings and more menu next to your profile picture at the top right of Teams, and then select the Disable GPU hardware acceleration option.
  • Disconnect your monitor from the port replicator or docking station, and directly connect it to the video port on the laptop, if available.
  • Restart Teams.
  • Change the resolution of your 4K or UHD monitor to 1920 x 1080. For more information, see Change desktop icon size or screen resolution.
  • Use DVI or HDMI instead USB-C to connect your monitor, if possible.
  • Disable full screen mode in the meeting by selecting More actions > Full screen.
  • Update Teams and make sure that the latest update is installed. The latest performance fixes were released in June 2021, which are available in version or later.


Microsoft is continuing to improve meeting experience by optimizing Audio, Video, and Screen sharing when using a 4K monitor. These updates will become available in upcoming client releases.