Known issues in Teams Rooms and devices

This article lists the known issues for the Microsoft Teams Rooms app when it's used on Windows and Android devices.

Teams Rooms on Windows

Software issues

Issue Description Workaround
Low meeting volume after content sharing Teams Rooms devices on Windows 10 20H2 experience decreased media and meeting volume after you share content through in-room HDMI. This issue is caused by an audio condition in Windows 10 20H2. To fix this issue, upgrade to version of the Teams Rooms app.
Teams Rooms app out of date The Teams Rooms console displays the system config out of date error. To fix this issue, use the Microsoft Teams Rooms recovery tool.
Windows version on device updated to unsupported version for Teams Rooms A Windows 10 device is updated from version 1803 to version 1809. Version 1809 isn't supported for Teams Rooms. This issue can occur if the Group Policy or MDM setting for the DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodinDays parameter is set to 365 days, which is the maximum value. As of March 27, 2020, version 1809 is more than 365 days old. Therefore, the Windows 10 device that's running version 1803 installs version 1809 after 365 days of running version 1803. However, version 1809 isn't supported for Teams Rooms and might cause issues that affect Teams Rooms adversely.

To avoid this situation, remove the configuration from any Group Policy or MDM setting that's set up to defer updates. It's important to leave the policy or setting unconfigured and not set to 0. Then the device will always update to the latest version of Windows that supports Teams Rooms.
Virtual keyboard missing The virtual keyboard doesn't appear when you have to enter information in Teams Rooms devices. This issue occurs in Windows 10, version 1903. Install the April 2020 Cumulative Update for Windows 10, version 1903 for x64-based systems through Windows Update.
Teams Rooms app fails to start after update If your Teams Rooms device uses a processor (CPU) which supports Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET), such as the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor or later and you have:
  • Applied cumulative update KB5013942
  • Not applied cumulative update KB5015020 or later
  • Updated the Teams Rooms app
then you might see an error that the Teams Rooms app can't be started.
Reimage the Teams Rooms device with OEM media that uses Windows operating system version 20H2 or later.
Can't access Windows Settings from the desktop right-click menu. On Teams Rooms devices that are running app version or later versions, any user account that has the Teams Rooms app installed will be able to access Windows Settings only by using the Start menu. If you try to access Windows Settings by using another method, the Teams Rooms app will open instead. Use one of the following workarounds to access Windows Settings:
  • Select the Settings option from the Start menu.
  • Uninstall the Teams Rooms app for the affected user. Locate the app on the Start menu, right-click it and select Uninstall.
Account change doesn't work after updating to Teams Rooms app version If you change the configured account on a Teams Rooms device after you update the Teams Rooms app on the device to version, the new account is not displayed. You only see the old account. To ensure that the new account is available immediately after you configure it, clear the cache of the Teams Rooms app.

Hardware issues

Issue Description Workaround
Monitors not detected When you run Teams Rooms on a Surface Pro (Model 2017) device, monitors aren't detected. Hold down the power button of the Surface Pro device for 20 seconds or more to restart it. A restart will clear the graphics cache.
During a Coordinated meeting, when the meeting volume is changed by using a room remote, the speaker on a Surface Hub or Teams Rooms device turns on. For a trusted device such as a Surface Hub or Teams Rooms device that is set up to auto-join a Coordinated meeting when the primary device joins, the speaker turns on when the meeting volume is changed by using a room remote. This issue occurs even though the audio settings on the device are turned off, and whether they are enabled or disabled. Turn off proximity join and room remote capabilities on the trusted devices that auto-join a Coordinated meeting.

Teams Rooms on Android

Issues with meeting room devices

Issue Description Workaround
Laser pointer and drawing tools in PowerPoint Live don't display for in-room participants In-room meeting participants in a Teams meeting who are using Teams Rooms on Android devices aren't able to see the following features during a PowerPoint Live presentation: Laser pointer, pen, highlighter, and eraser. Join the meeting on your personal device to see the laser pointer and drawing tools in PowerPoint Live.
Teams Admin Settings unavailable on Teams Rooms on Android devices with Teams Rooms Basic license. The Teams Admin Settings option under Device Settings is unavailable on devices that have the Teams Rooms Basic license for Teams Rooms on Android CY22 U3 app (version 1449/ Admins can either assign a Teams Rooms Pro license to the same device or downgrade the device to use Teams Rooms on Android CCY22 U2B app (version: 1449/ instead.
Volume of the audio received from Poly Studio X30 or X50 devices is low. In a Teams meeting that uses either the Poly Studio X30 or Poly Studio X50 Teams Rooms device, the audio that is sent to remote participants might have low volume.

This issue occurs because of a change made to Teams audio processing which causes the audio level of the microphone on the device to be set very low.
Log into the web interface for the affected Poly Studio X30 or X50 device using administrator credentials and use the following steps:
  1. Select Audio / Video > Audio.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow in the Transmission Audio Gain (dB) field.
  3. Select a number between 14 & 18 to specify the decibels for the audio sent from the microphone.

Issues with Teams phones

Issue Description Workaround
Sign in loops or fails for Teams on Android phones You can't sign in or the sign-in continually loops when both the MFA and the Terms of Use (ToU) Conditional Access (CA) policies are used. The combination of MFA CA and ToU CA isn't supported. You should exclude it from being used.

To avoid the sign-in error, ensure that only the MFA CA or only the MDM CA is used. When only the MFA CA is used, make sure that it's enabled in Device Registration Services (DRS). For more information, see Conditional Access: Cloud apps, actions, and authentication context.
Can't add, delete, or edit contacts on Android phones You can't perform the add, delete, and edit operations on contacts from Teams on Android phones. Use either the Teams desktop or the Teams web client to perform these actions.
Busy on Busy feature is unavailable The Busy on Busy feature isn't available in Teams on phones. This feature isn't available for Teams on phones at this time.
Signed out of Teams on Android devices Teams Rooms on Android, Teams phone devices, Teams panels, and Teams displays are signed out of Teams automatically. Follow the instructions provided in Signed out of Teams on Android devices.
Can't resume a call after using Consult first option on Teams phones After using the Consult first option in the Transfer menu when you select the Resume option to resume the call, the call fails. End the call made by using the Consult first option and then resume the original call.
Calls on long hold in GCCH tenants drop intermittently On GCCH tenants that are running 2022 update #4A (Teams app version 1449/, when a call is put on long hold by a user the call drops in some instances. This issue doesn't occur on other clouds. No workaround is available at this time.

Issues with Teams panels

Issue Description Workaround
Changes made to a configuration profile in the Teams admin center might not sync with the device. When you change settings in the configuration profile for a device by using the Teams admin center, the changes don't always sync with the device. For the settings that didn't sync, change them on the device by using the Teams Admin Settings option under Device Settings.


  • Front row requires 1920 × 1080 resolution for a 16:9 display or 2560 × 1080 resolution for a 21:9 display. These displays are set to 100 percent scaling. If the chat panel on your front-of-room display shows unreadable UI, see Change scale and resolution for front-of-room to adjust your display settings.
  • Teams Rooms doesn't support High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) input. Using HDCP input may cause issues that affect High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ingest functionality, such as video and audio. To avoid these issues, make sure that the HDCP options are turned off for switches that are connected to Teams Rooms.
  • Teams Rooms on Android doesn't support large meetings that have 300 participants or more.
  • Teams Rooms on Android doesn't support the ability to join cross-cloud meetings.

Expected behavior

  • If your Teams Rooms device loses trust with the domain, you won't be able to authenticate into the device and access its settings. For example, if you remove Teams Rooms from the domain after it gets domain joined, the trust relationship will be lost. In this situation, sign in to the device by using a local administrator account.

  • A consumer TV that's used as the front-of-room display might cause stability issues with Teams Rooms for the following reasons:

    • Inconsistent implementation of standby modes
    • Active video source selection
    • Incorrect EDID information that's communicated to the Teams Rooms device

    Known symptoms include a black or gray screen on the front-of-room display, or the Teams Rooms console becomes unresponsive after waking from standby mode. If you experience issues when you use consumer TVs, we recommend that you install a configurable EDID controller or EDID emulator, such as the HD-RX-4K-201-C-E from Crestron, or DR-EDID Emulator from FSR Video Products Group.

  • Teams Admin Center only identifies valid certified firmware. If uncertified firmware is updated on the device by means other than the Teams Admin Center, the Admin Center will provide only the old firmware. This issue may occur with Teams Rooms on Android devices and Teams IP phones.

Support for third party Teams devices

For issues with Teams devices offered by third party providers, contact their individual sites for support:

Third-party contact disclaimer

Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.